Would you like to give a little more professional look to your WordPress site? Want to highlight special offers, trending posts or updates about your website? Then, You may try T4B News Ticker Pro, a lightweight multi-functional WordPress plugin. For your convenience, it’s like to the scrolling words that you often see at the bottom of your TV screen.

You will be using the free version of it, if you use the WordPress Platform. TB4 News Ticker Pro is the premium version of the free T4B News Ticker and the pro version comes with lots of cool features. It is more flexible, customizable and easier-to-use version than the free one.

T4B News Ticker Pro allows user to create horizontal news ticker. There are seven attractive animation effects available in the news ticker for user-engagement. Now, you can show post/news titles inside the ticker, either by using post categories or by post tags. You can also show titles or descriptions or links inside the ticker using RSS feed and JSON data. This is not available in the free version. The best thing is, you can even show any news headlines only by creating custom texts, with custom links. You can add the news ticker into the theme file or in posts/pages by using shortcode.

Here some of the highlighted features of T4B News Ticker Pro

  • This WordPress Plugin is easy to customize.
  • It comes up with 7 extraordinary animation effects to attract users.
  • Scroll continuously without breaks in loops.
  • Option to choose ticker contents from many categories and tags at one time.
  • Option to choose ticker contents also from RSS feed or JSON data or from custom text.
  • You have the option to select the number the posts and sort posts order.
  • You can have more than one News Ticker on your site, unlike free version which only offers 1 ticker at a time.

The plugin allows you to minify ticker JS and CSS to load the page faster. Considering the needs of users, we have designed it to deliver only the best functionality and experience. Now, you can show as many news tickers as you want on your WordPress site using T4B New Ticker Pro plugin. The customization of the plugin is super easy.

Here are some extra cool features of T4B News Ticker Pro Plugin

  • In the Pro version of T4B News Ticker, the tickers can be shown from RSS feed, and even from JSON. This feature is not available in the free version.
  • The interface is very much easy to use and cool options for the users to customize according to their needs.
  • You can set the ticker height, radius, font, border, etc., which free version doesn’t offer.
    So what are you waiting for? Get the T4B News Ticker Pro plugin that is well designed for you.

Watch the video demo of T4B News Ticker Pro in YouTube:

T4B News Ticker Pro — Features

Here are some cool features of this plugin. It will help you to understand how the pro version of this plugin is different than the free version:

  • It’s simple to use, and responsive with all devices.
  • Pro Import/export (backup) option is available.
  • Pro Create as many tickers as you want, with unlimited colors schemes.
  • Pro Seven types of animations available, with options, like to stop ticker on hover, fade in, etc.
  • Pro Continuous scrolling in loops.
  • Pro Copy an existing News Ticker rather than re-building a new one.
  • Add or delete news ticker anytime.
  • Pro Change the theme color of the news ticker.
  • Pro Choose ticker contents from more than one categories.
  • Pro Icons for the ticker to choose with auto play and auto stop option.
  • Pro Fix the news ticker at the top and bottom of the page.
  • Pro RTL (Right to Left) support.
  • Pro Enter Google Fonts URL link.
  • Pro Font Awesome icon support.
  • Implemented on the website by shortcode.
  • Have very easy documentation with the downloaded zip file.

Details of T4B News Ticker Pro Features

Title Font Size

You can set the title font size according to your requirements.

Content Font Size

Also, you can adjust the content font size that goes with the title font size.

Ticker Height

Do you think ticker should be smaller or lager? Do you want to decide it for yourself? Well, you can set the ticker height according to your need. The feature is not available in the free version.

Ticker Border Width

You can set the border width of News ticker. Unlike the free version, you have the option to choose. You can even choose a ticker border radius.

Auto Play Ticker

Do you want the ticker to run automatically? The auto play ticker option is available in the pro version. You can even set stop ticker on hover.

Position and direction of ticker

Take full control of where to place the ticker and in what direction. It doesn’t custom set on the page, but in your hand to set it at the perfect place on your website.

Ticker background color

Fill the eye-catchy background color for ticker to appeal to the audience.

Title font color

Do you want to change the title font color? You can even change that with the pro version.

Minify CSS and JS

Yes, you can even minify the CSS and JS of the ticker. It’s simple!

Export creates a JSON file

When you click on the export download button, it creates a JSON file that contains all the configuration of news ticker for you to save to your computer. After exporting the user can either use the backup file to reset the settings.

Import T4B News Ticker

Press on import ticker and upload the backup JSON file, and let the WordPress do rest for you.

Font Awesome

It’s a superb tool that offers free vector icons. You can use font awesome icons for a beautiful appeal.

So, now we have discussed everything about T4B News Ticker Pro. It’s the right time to compare it with the free version and feel the difference. If there are any doubts, then you can get in touch with us at any time, and we would love to assist you.

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