Welcome to Realwebcare’s Affiliate Program, where your success is our priority. Realwebcare offers a generous commission structure, a diverse product range, and flexible commission logic. Join today and start earning!

Why Choose Realwebcare’s Affiliate Program?

Realwebcare’s Affiliate Program offers a number of benefits to its affiliates, including:

  1. A generous commission structure: Earn a 20% commission on every product sale, or a fixed amount commission per sale.
  2. A diverse product range: Promote a wide range of products, from domains and hosting to WordPress plugins.
  3. Flexible commission logic: Our system factors in setup fees and product upgrades or downgrades to ensure your commissions accurately reflect your referrals’ actions.
  4. Multi-currency support: Receive your commissions in your chosen affiliate currency, regardless of the currency in which purchases are made.
  5. Affiliate cookies: Our affiliate cookies last for 7 days on a user’s computer, so you’ll earn commissions if they make a purchase within that time frame.

Getting Started

Joining Realwebcare’s Affiliate Program is easy and hassle-free. Simply, contact us for your registration link or purchase any of our products designed for registration purposes. Once registered, you’ll receive your unique affiliate link that you can share through various marketing channels.

Monthly Payouts

Furthermore, enjoy the convenience of monthly payouts. At the end of each month, you can withdraw your accumulated commissions and watch your earnings grow.

Transparency and Fairness

Accordingly, we pride ourselves on maintaining transparency and fairness in our affiliate program. Undoubtedly, You can trust us to accurately calculate and reward your referrals.

Ready to Start Earning?

Contact us for your registration link today and start earning lucrative commissions by promoting Realwebcare’s products. Obviously, your network is your greatest asset; monetize it with us!

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Overall, Realwebcare’s Affiliate Program is a great way to earn money by promoting our products. With a generous commission structure, a diverse product range, and flexible commission logic, we offer our affiliates everything they need to succeed. Join today and start earning!