Muslim Prayer Time BD

Muslim Prayer Time BD

Muslim Prayer Time BD plugin displays a schedule of five daily prayers for the Muslim Ummah through a beautiful widget. Moreover, the plugin also has the option to display Sehri and Iftar time. In this case, we have followed the perpetual prayer calendar of Bangladesh to arrange the schedule of prayers. Thus, the schedule of prayers may vary a little bit according to the present time and region. But, the plugin has option to adjust the Prayer time and Sehri time by increasing or decreasing. Now, you can remind you and your blog’s visitors about the importance of Salat or praying to Allah.

Using a pretty widget, you can display daily prayer timetable for your own place. Also, in Ramadan, you can display Sehri and Iftar time by enabling Sehri & Iftar time as well. Moreover, you can display as many widgets as you want by enabling or disabling Prayer and Sehri Time. As a result, if you want to display only Sehri card, you can do so by disabling Show Prayer Time and vice-versa. Also, the plugin has options like prayer name, time format (e.g. 12/24 hours, AM / PM), Sheri and Iftar card name, background color, font color, font weight and text alignment.


Muslim Prayer Time BD Features

  • Auto generated prayer timetable.
  • Option to adjust prayer time and sehri time.
  • Option to display prayer timetable for any district of Bangladesh.
  • Option to select the default city.
  • Option to display Sehri last time.
  • Option to set Prayer names.
  • Option to set time format (12/24 hours and AM/PM).
  • Option to set Sehri and Iftar card name.
  • Unlimited background color for Prayer name and time.
  • Unlimited background color for Sehri and Iftar time.
  • Unlimited font color for Prayer name and time.
  • Unlimited font color for Sehri time.
  • Option to set font weight.
  • Option to set text align.
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