Biggest Mistakes

7 Biggest Mistakes that Bloggers Make

You might have struggled a lot to acquire a desired result from your blog. But you are not getting the appropriate result; perhaps you are not clear about the purpose of your blog and maybe you are making the same old mistakes over and over. Let me remind you, a mistake is an inherent characteristic of human beings. But this does not imply that we will spend life with mistakes. To be a successful blogger it is an essential part for you to overcome mistakes. Therefore, make sure that you are not doing the same biggest mistakes that I have explained below:

Biggest Mistake #1: Not Having a Focus of your Blog

Many of you do not have a focus, a focus that reflects what you know, what you like to discuss, and what your interests are? Even you do not know how a blog benefit you and your readers. As a result, after many failed attempts, you throw this up thinking that it is not the correct place for you. However, if you have a short time to read other blogs and to study their layout, technique, and graphics, then you can see what your target should be. There are many things you can pay attention to. It may be a science, religion, politics, sports, entertainment, product marketing, etc. None of these topics are out of bounds, but you need to know about what subjects you should be focused.

Biggest Mistake #2: Unrealistic Expectations

Most of the bloggers come to blogging expecting a large number of visitors and many appreciative comments. But they don’t have patience, they want instant results. As a result, they rapidly become frustrated. There are millions of blogs out there vying for the same audiences. You have to be patient and rely on. You have to write well and it will be unique with realistic information, the title should be affected, and try to promote your blog continuously to get an expected audience.

Biggest Mistake #3: Not Evaluating the Readers

Typically, visitors come to visit the blog on their own needs. What did they react after reading an article? Some of them may leave comments; some may agree with you, some may suggest you from their point of view and some may give you thanks for the article. Now, it’s your courtesy to respond them. Give thanks to your readers for reading the article and taking the time to comment. If they criticize (even the intense criticism), reply to them humbly, which is appropriate for the comments. But, if you don’t evaluate your readers, perhaps they might also underestimate your blog.

Biggest Mistake #4: Not Keeping Consistency of Posts

There is no such rule that how often you publish your posts. You can publish several posts in a day, but in this way you may fail to concentrate on quality posts. It would be better if you publish one quality post a day instead of several average posts. My suggestion, publish four to five great posts in a week. In a word, keep the consistency of posts or you may lose traffic. Another important matter, do not make your post longer without any reason. Try to write within 500 to 750 words or your readers may get bored to read your posts.

Biggest Mistake #5: Absence of the Catchy Headline and the Opening

The headline is the summary of an article. Readers can easily understand the nub of an article from it. Therefore, it is very important to write a catchy headline or readers may not be concerned to read further. Once they start to read after viewing a catchy headline, the first few lines will play an important role to pull them into the rest of your article. When the catchy headline and the opening work together, you may draw the attention of readers and hang them onto it.

Biggest Mistake #6: Not Making Accessible Content

There are a lot of blog posts, which are often difficult to interpret. One reason may be that the authors were not interested in accessibility, and we all know that it is easy to read on paper rather than on computer screen. You might think that the readers are careless to read, but the fact is, they are more aware of this. They only search for items that interest them. There are several ways you can make your content accessible:

  • Use subheadings to separate the major sections of your article.
  • Use list of numbers or bullets to boost the white space on the screen.
  • Use bold text or underline to highlight the key point of your article.
  • Pull in your paragraph shorter.

Biggest Mistake #7: No Call to Action

If you do not mention a direction to readers about what to do next, then most probably you will get no return from your posts. Therefore, it is very important that every blog post should have a call to action, a reaction you desire readers to complete. At the conclusion of your post, encourage your readers by asking them to:

  • Sign up for the newsletter
  • Leave a comment and let me know
  • Share post on social media
  • Contact with you via contact form
  • Buy a product

In addition, you can tell them anything, according to your needs. If you do it correctly, then you will be able to get measures in your investment from readers.

There may be some more mistakes. I have tried to promote only major mistakes. If you can avoid these mistakes, then you will be able to increase your traffic.

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